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Best Apartment Dog Breeds

September 26, 2022

Small living quarters does not mean having a dog is off limits. Generally speaking, larger dog breeds such as a German Shepherd or Husky do better with more spacious living areas, however, there are plenty of dogs that need less room to be comfortable. Seventeen percent of Americans live in an apartment or condominium style home and out of that percentage, approximately 70% of those individuals have a pet. They key is knowing which dog breed best adapts to a smaller living area.

Where to Start

The first item you want to consider if you want a dog and live in an apartment is the dog’s size. It is recommended in most cases that apartment dogs fall within the small to medium sized breeds. Larger dogs often need more room to roam and rest in. Dogs weighing in 55 pounds and less that stand under fifteen inches tall tend to do best in apartments.

Overly Energetic Dogs

Some dog breeds by nature are very energetic and enjoy running and jumping. Although there is nothing wrong with this, this type of physical activity is best done in homes that have ample room. Many apartments have smaller rooms which could be an issue if your pup decides to go into sprint mode. Finding a dog breed that has a calm baseline is important.

Don’t Forget About the Neighbors

Many apartments have noise and nuisance regulations. A barking dog can easily disturb the peace and cause issues. Finding a dog breed that is not alarmed easily nor prone to excessive barking is important. Some dog breeds tend to bark when bored which makes finding a low-key pup important for those living in apartments.

Destructive Behavior

Although most dogs are not destructive, some, when bored or lonely act out for attention. A chewed sock is one thing, but actual damage to parts of the home is another. Finding a dog breed that trains easily and is not known for chewing on house fixtures and or damaging property is important no matter where you live. Damaged interior or exterior property may cost you your security deposit.

Outdoor Activity Time Is a Must

All dogs require outdoor activity time. This is not only good for their physical health, but mental wellbeing. Certain dog breeds do require a significant more amount of outdoor time which may be difficult to have if living in an apartment complex. If your apartment complex has a dog run or designated area for pet activity time this will allow for a slightly more energetic dog to happily exist. Some apartments that have only the basics (sidewalk and small lawn area) should only house dogs that require minimal outdoor time.

Manners Are Important  

Low to non-aggressive dogs should be considered for families that live in apartments. You need to remember that many other neighbors within the apartment complex will have dogs and everyone’s safety is crucial. Finding a dog breed that is not only docile but easy to get along with is important because your pup will have interaction with other dogs in the complex. Bringing home a territorial dog breed will be more challenging since many territorial dogs will want to be the top dog.

Top Five Apartment Dog Breeds

1: Bichon Frise

This hypoallergenic and gentle dog gets along with just about anyone or anything. They train quickly and tend to get along well with other dogs. They also have warm demeanors and easy-going personalities. Both males and females of this breed stand about 12 inches tall and weigh from seven to fifteen pounds.

2: Pug

Although a little energetic, the Pug is a gentle and relaxed dog breed. They do enjoy outdoor activity time but also find comfort in smaller and contained living quarters. This breed of dog stands ten to twelve inches tall and weighs between ten and twenty pounds. They are not aggressive and get along with other dogs well.

3: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A true lap dog. This breed enjoys a lot of one-on-one personal time with his family. They are not known to excessively bark and train with ease. They do not require an excessive amount of outdoor playtime and tend to be very social dogs who enjoy interaction with other dogs. This breed of dog generally stands between twelve and fourteen inches tall and weighs about twenty pounds.

4: Bulldog

The Bulldog is a strong and stocky dog but a very laidback dog. They are just as happy taking a nap inside of the home as they are walking through the park. They do not bark excessively, are not aggressive, and have very easy to get along with temperaments. They tend to adapt well to smaller living spaces and do just fine in apartments. This breed of dog stands between ten and fifteen inches tall and weighs about fifty pounds.

5: Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus have a very long and well-liked reputation. They are very friendly dogs who do well inside apartments. This breed is very friendly and outgoing and does not require excessive amounts of outdoor activity time. They also are not known to bark a lot and thanks to their gentle and warm demeanor are not known to be destructive. The Shih Tzu is classified in the toy group with a height of eight to twelve inches tall and weight of nine to twenty pounds.

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