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Best Cat Breeds for People With Allergies

June 1, 2020

Spoiler Alert! There’s no easy way to say this, but there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. Feline saliva and skin glands contain a naturally occurring enzyme called Fel D1. Fortunately, there are quite a few breeds out there that produce less of this protein and are considered allergy-friendly.

The Siberian Cat

These frisky, independent kitties have multi-colored coats that are less prone to tangling than other long-haired breeds. Although there is a bit of seasonal shedding with the Siberian, they don’t create as much dandruff. Less shedding means less skin flaking on your furniture and clothes!

The owner of a Siberian Cat should be fine if their allergies are on the lighter side. Those with more severe issues may want to consider a short-hair or naked breed.

The Balinese

If you don’t fall in love with their cream-colored coat and brown booties, you’ll definitely fall into a trance when staring into the big blue eyes of a Balinese. These talkative kitties love to greet their family members with a sweet “meow!” 

They do have longer fur similarly to the Siberian, but the Balinese lack an undercoat. So, owners can expect to see very little Fel D1 exposure with these cats. Balinese felines are especially sweet, playful, and make great companions for children. If your child wants a furbaby of their own but lives with an allergy, this may just be the right breed for your family.

The Sphynx

For those who get the worst of the coughing, sneezing, and overall irritation that comes with having a cat allergy, meet the Sphynx. These interesting felines are completely hairless! Donning only their soft, wrinkly skin, this gentle breed gets a little chilly from time to time.

They love to cuddle and don’t mind wearing a light, non-abrasive sweater for warmth and protection. These cats are a bit of a double-edged sword; no fur means no shedding, but it also entails far more grooming. The Sphynx produces quite a bit of oil due to being hairless, which means they’ll also need to be bathed every couple of weeks, at least.

While there are some very short-haired Sphynx varieties, they’ll need the same kind of care as their naked counterparts.

Devon Rex

Imagine a Sphynx with a fuzzy, curly, thin coat of fur. That’s the Devon Rex breed in a nutshell! Their skin, and their fur are both incredibly delicate, and it’s not necessary to brush them out. Rather than regular bathing, the Devon Rex benefits from being wiped down with a damp cloth or unscented wipe every so often.

These cats have a rather strange personality, owners have described them as being accepting of petting and attention. However, they want to be treated like royalty, and they let you know it! Your kitty may appear to be standoffish at times, but when you want a cuddle buddy at night, the Devon is happy to curl up…right next to your neck and face. The good news is that they’re one of the top choices available for people with really terrible cat allergies.

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