Birds for Sale in Wichita

Petland West Wichita has friendly hand-raised birds for sale in Wichita. Our birds make great pets for first-time bird owners, especially children.  Our birds are hand-raised, friendly, and have their own unique personalities! We have parakeets, conures and cockatiels all ready for you to come pick your perfect new feathered friend!

These birds are very social and intelligent, and respond best when they have a finger or shoulder to hang out on. Many of these small birds can even engage in conversations! Our pet counselors will help you choose the bird that best fits your needs.


parakeets wichita

Also known as a “Budgie”, the parakeet is the chatty one and considered the best option for families with children, though all of our birds are meant for new bird owners.


Parrotlet Wichita

There’s a reason why conures are popular pet companions; these spunky and often comical parrots come in a range of eye-catching colors and have equally colorful personalities.


Cockatiel Wichita

This is the largest bird we carry, but is still good for the new bird owner.  These birds bond with their owners and can hang out with you in any part of the house, even the shower! This bird is patient and not known to be temperamental, as long as you are willing to spend time hanging out.

Complete Kits

Bird Kit Wichita

We offer a complete kit including the cage and supplies necessary to care for the Four Basic Needs of your feathered friend: Behavioral, Maintenance, Environmental and Nutritional.