Dog Days of Summer – Tips to Beat the Heat with Your Dog

Access to Shade & Fresh Water

Be sure the water is kept in the shade so that it is kept as cool as possible.  Also make sure your dog has access to a nice breeze, as this is an important way for him to keep cool.

Adjust your walking schedule

Change your daily walks to cooler times on the day, like in the early morning or evening near sunset. Be sure to test the temperature of the concrete with your hand to make sure it won’t hurt the bottom of your dog’s feet. If it’s too hot, then allow him to walk on the grass whenever possible.  They may be too excited for the walk to let you know if the ground is too hot, and it may not hurt at the start of the walk.

Leave your dogs at home

Avoid leaving your pets in the car this time of year, even if left running.  You have to consider the cost of gas and the chance that your car will be stolen if the keys are left in the ignition.

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