Wichita can be chilly, keep your dogs warm Fall/Winter 2020-21

Cold Weather Pet Supplies in Wichita

Doggie Design Dog Jacket

Updated by September 27, 2020

Is there any better feeling than putting on a warm puffy dog jacket to go out into the cold? Now your dog can share your style! These puffy fur-lined dog jackets from Doggie Design will help keep your pup warm and dry.  The simple design slips over your dog’s head and the adjustable buckle over the back keeps it snug.  There is even a leash hole for easy access for outdoor adventures! Despite their natural fur coats, dogs are just as susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia as humans, so protect them with these awesome jackets from an awesome company!

These are the sizes that we carry in stock at 3520 N. Maize:

  • Small (6-10 lbs.)
  • Medium (11-16 lbs.)
  • Large (16-25 lbs)

These dog jackets come in many different sizes to fit dogs from 3 lbs all the way up to 120lbs, so if your furry family member needs a different size, feel free to call us at (316) 252-8565 and we can order the perfect puffy coat for your perfect puppy! We carry a variety of colors as well, but if there is one color of dog jacket you must have, we can custom order that as well!

Here some more products that will keep your dog comfortable on cold outdoor adventures:

PawZ Paw Wax and Paw Covers

PawZ paw covers and paw wax

Rock salt can cut your puppy’s paws and the salt could make walking painful, so protect their paws with PawZ Rubber Boots and Max Wax. These products, along with a Doggie Design dog jacket can help make your outdoor adventures go longer!


Read our article here for tips on helping keep your dog safe and comfortable during the cold weather.  You can also stop in at 3520 N. Maize and speak to a Pet Counselor about how to keep your puppy warm.