How to Handle a Bunny Correctly

To handle a bunny correctly involves remembering that mothers do not pick up their young bunnies like other small animals, so being held will be a strange experience to bunnies at first.

Always keep in mind that you should never pick up a bunny by the head or ears. They are not accustomed to being picked up. As ground dwellers, the only time they are picked up in the wild is when they are being attacked, so don’t be alarmed if they don’t immediately take kindly to this new experience for them.

Approach them and let them know you’re there. It’s best if you can talk to them and pet them before you pick them up. Support their chest and scoop up the bunny by the hindquarters.

Bunnies have very fragile spines, and if they wiggle or squirm, don’t loosen your grip and allow them to twist as this could harm their spines. Hold them securely to your chest until they calm down. Remember that being held will at first be a foreign experience to them.