How to Handle a Puppy Correctly

At Petland West Wichita, we love when people come in to play with puppies.  We are proud of our one-of-a-kind interactive pet store environment, and we want everyone to enjoy this experience, whether they’re human, furry, scaly or feathered!

Puppies are the most popular cuddle partners, so it might help to know how to handle them correctly.

Do NOT pick up a puppy only by their fronts like Simba. This is very hard on their backs. Especially on long-bodied dogs like bloodhounds and dachshunds, support them under their chest and hindquarters.

Holding a puppy is key to socialization, so be sure to comfort them and pet them so that they know that getting picked up is a positive event.

The video below has the information you need to be a champion puppy cuddler!