Pawz Dog Boots and Max Wax

PawZ paw covers and paw wax

Pawz Rubber Dog Boots are designed to protect dog paws from injury, but that’s not all.   Going on walks in the snow can mean rock salt and other snow-melt chemicals that can cause burns and cuts that allow salt to enter and cause pain.  Protect their paws with these great rubber dog boots. That’s not all they do, though. They also keep your carpets, tile floors, and car interiors clean from mud!

These boots are designed specifically to stay on your puppy’s paws and not slip off, which means you don’t have to buy a whole new set if you lose one.

You can also protect their paws with Pawz Max Wax from the same company.  This product offers additional protection from water and ice. Made from human grade bees wax, lanolin and Vitamin E, this paw wax protects against snow and ice build-up and is 100% All-Natural. Paws Max Wax creates a barrier so that water rolls off the paw. Pawz Max Wax contains no alcohol and can offer further protection from chemical burn. You can use this product all year, since it can even protect from hot sand and concrete.

Make your outdoor winter adventures as much fun for your pup as they are for you with these great products from a great company. Come see us at 3520 N. Maize to see what sizes we have available.  If we don’t have your puppy’s paw size, we can order it for you! You can also call us at (316)252-8565 to see if we have your size.


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