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Planning for an Extended Trip Featuring Your Pet

November 4, 2021

Going on an extended trip with your pup can be a pretty exciting adventure. The sights going by can be an incredible one for your pup, and you get to enjoy the warm companionship. 

Short trips are more typically advised, however, there’s no harm in taking a long one provided you plan and pack all the supplies that you would be needing on the trip. 

This piece covers everything 4 need-to-know tips for your upcoming extended human-canine trip:  

  1. Help Your Pup Adjust

At least 1 or 2 months before your extended trip, start getting your pup familiar with the car. An occasional drive to the park or a short weekend getaway. 

Start small, a couple of minutes initially. Then increase the duration gradually so that your pup no longer feels anxious and scared. 

These trips would also help you observe your pup’s habits. Does he get thirsty every few hours? Does he need to use the potty every other hour? Information like this would help you plan adequately for your extended trip. 

  1. Get Your Pet Travel-Ready 

The highlight of getting your pet travel-ready would be helping him adapt to travel conditions. For instance, if your pup isn’t used to strapping in, you would need to get him used to this. 

Using a carrier, a crate, or a car harness would help or prevent unnecessary movements. Since your pet is strapped in tight, you would not have to worry about him moving around and distracting you from the road. 

They could also help to prevent injury in the unfortunate event of an accident. Ensure that you attach the carrier or crate to the seat or the car floor for stability. Finally, ensure that the airbags for the seat that your pet would be occupying are deactivated. 

  1. Pack All Essentials 

For this, it would be ideal to create a list of these items so that you don’t forget to pack any. On your trip, it might be difficult to locate a pet store for some distance. This is why packing ahead is vital. 

Some of these essentials include:

When packing these items, ensure that you package them differently and distinctly. This would help you easily identify the exact location of each item and avoid mix-ups. 

Just in case of an emergency, it is advisable to get the contacts of vets along the trip path. 

  1. Exercise Your Pup Before the Trip 

Before getting into the car and embarking on your trip, ensure that you properly exercise your pup. Some extra minutes would be a great idea so that he’s able to release most of the nervous energy. 

A well-exercised pup would be relaxed for the duration of the trip. If you would be taking a trip extending as long as 4 to 12 hours, ensure that you stop at intervals to walk him. 

This would help to guarantee that your pet stays docile for the duration of the trip. 

Some other tips like a vet visit, booking dog-friendly accommodations, and updating ID information are essential too. 

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