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Cricket vs. Dubia

Written by Joey Jefferis

Understanding the differences between feeders for your reptile is critical to providing a long, healthy life.  So, let’s take a look at the differences between crickets and dubias. Crickets tend to be a popular choice because of their availability and it’s fun to watch your pet eat them.  You might have to call around to find a store which can supply dubias, like Petland West Wichita.

Calcium is important as it is the first line of defense against metabolic bone disease.  The calcium content of a cricket is 8-12%, but a dubia have almost double that at 22% calcium content.  

Dubias are high in protein (61%) and low in fat which is great for reptiles because of their slow metabolism.  Crickets on the other hand are 18% protein. Feeding insects high in fat will end in having an overweight reptile.  Dubias are very easy to gut load with carrots, tropical fruit, apples, banana, cherries, avocados, and potatoes.

Crickets life span is just 3 months while a dubia will live 16 to 24 months.  This means dubias grow slowly and crickets grow fast and crickets might quickly become too big for your pet.




Yes, escape artist No


Yes, escape artist


  Smell bad









  Biting Yes (you and your pet)



Fun facts: If a dubia dies in the nest, the others will move it away from the colony.

Unlike the common cockroach, a dubia cannot produce asexually, meaning if one gets out it won’t cause an infestation.  

If you are curious about nutrition for your pet reptile please come into Petland West Wichita and ask one of our reptile experts. We are more than happy to help you.