Kibble only provides between 6-10% of the moisture that pets need in their diet. When a pet is fed a kibble-only diet, they are likely not getting enough moisture to be healthy – even if a water bowl is left out for them. A better solution is providing a diet that includes moisture, adding goat milk, bone broth or wet food to your dog or cat’s diet is a quick and easy.

4 Primal ways to add moisture to your pet’s diet:

  1. Frozen Formulas. All of our raw, frozen formulas include moisture. For example, our Raw Frozen Mix Chicken Formula contains 76% moisture, making it a great option for adding necessary fluids to your pet’s diet. Check out our other canineand feline raw frozen Formulas for other meal options with plenty of moisture.
  2. Raw Goat MilkIt’s everything that kibble isn’t. Known as the universal milk, goat milk is easily absorbed by a variety of mammals. It not only adds great moisture to kibble (make a pet cereal!) or our Freeze-Dried Formulas, it also contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that contribute to your pet’s optimal health. Raw Goat Milk is 79% moisture.
  3. Bone Broth. Add much-needed moisture to kibble, canned food, dehydrated, freeze-dried, and raw foods with nutritious and delicious Bone Broth. With key benefits including digestion and liver support, joint health, appetite stimulation, and more, supplementing with Bone Broth is an easy way to keep your pet hydrated and healthy. Primal Bone Broth is a whopping 98% moisture.
  4. Water. Add room temperature or warm water (not hot, or you might cook raw foods) to kibble or to our Freeze-Dried Formulas to soften foods and add fluid to their diet. Be sure to continue to leave out water for your pet to drink in between meals.

What if your pet doesn’t like wet foods? Start by crumbling our Freeze-Dried Formula into a bowl. Serve it dry at first, and then slowly work your way into rehydrating it as directed on the back of the package. Over time, as you add slightly more water to each meal, you may be able to get your pet used to consuming a rehydrated diet.

By feeding your pet a diet that gets them moisture they need, you’ll be protecting their kidneys, tissues, and many other systems for a long, healthy life – just like any good pawrent should. Come to Petland on N. Maize Rd and speak with our pet counselor for great tips about feeding your pets. Happy hydrating!